Dakayo Kadi ti Nanangko? (Big Book)

Dakayo Kadi ti Nanangko? (Big Book)

Story by Rodolfo Desuasido
Illustrations by Reynaldo Tiongson

A lone egg hatches in a nest—and a duckling comes into the world with no mother or siblings in sight. He immediately searches for his mother. Do you know whom he meets in his search?

Maysa nga itlog ti pato ti saan a napessaan a dagus isu a nabati idiay umokna. Idi mapessaan ti itlog ket rimmuar ti bassit a pato, awan metten ni nanangna ken dagiti kakabsatna. Biruken ti bassit a pato ni nanangna. Asinno ngata dagiti pagdamaganna?

ISBN: 978-971-508-486-4
Published: 2014
Language: Filipino (Ilocano)
Age Recommendation: 7+
32 pages | 270 grams | 11 by 17 inches
Volumetric weight: 1510 grams

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