Mini-WiKAHON A (for home use)


Dimensions: L=7.75" W=4.75" H=9.5"
Volumetric weight (including shipping box): 3 kg
Shipping cost: PHP300
Promo price includes PHP150 of shipping cost
PHP150 will be added upon checkout

(Philippines only, within city limits of courier's receiving branch)

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Launched in 2012, after 4 years of research and development, WiKAHON is a collection of readings and exercises for leveled language teaching in Filipino. These readings and exercises are arranged according to level of difficulty based on results from FiTRI* and assessments by reading experts.

Designed for independent use, WiKAHON requires that users can already read and are familiar with common Filipino words. The success of WiKAHON programs depends, not on age or educational level, but on matching the language abilities of the students with the WiKAHON level to be used.

More difficult than WiKAHON Pre-A, but easier than WiKAHON B, this box contains:

  • A guide for teachers
    An educator's manual on WiKAHON usage, from student orientation up to evaluation
  • 80 reading cards
    Short fiction or non-fiction about culture, history, or science; each with corresponding exercises on vocabulary, comprehension, and creative connections
  • 80 corresponding answer keys
    Student references to be used when checking answers in the exercises

* FiTRI (Filipino Text Readability Index)—the first system to measure readability of texts in Filipino

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