Grade 1 Gift Bundle (20 picture books)

Grade 1 Gift Bundle (20 picture books)

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Twenty (20) picture books recommended for Grade 1 students

1. Ako si Kaliwa, Ako si Kanan
2. Alpabetong Filipino
3. Araw sa Palengke
4. Bianca's Big Secret
5. But that Won't Make Me Sleep
6. Si Emang Engkantada ang Tatlong Haragan
7. Diego and Marie
8. Haluhalo Espesyal
9. Hating Kapatid
10. I Don't Like to Eat
11. Isang Mayang Uhaw
12. Ang Mabait na Kalabaw
13. Makinang Makinang
14. Mario's Special Day
15. The Moon is my Friend
16. Naaay! Taaay!
17. Papa's House, Mama's House
18. Si Pilong Patago-tago
19. When Color Came to Town
20 . Sungit
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