100 Questions Filipino Kids Ask Volume 2

100 Questions Filipino Kids Ask Volume 2

2012 National Book Award, Best Leisure Book

From a survey of over four hundred kids, here is a second helping of fun with fact, giving kids the answers to their questions in the fields of science, history and culture, art, and sports. Kids are also treated to some interesting bits of trivia and hands-on activities.

What is a bar code? Can scientists predict the end of the world? Did ancient Filipinos wear underwear? Where does our trash go?

These and many other questions boggle the mind of Filipino children.

Additional Information
ISBN: 978-971-508-383-6
Published: 2011
Language: English
Age Recommendation: 10+
200 pages |  900 grams |  9 by 12 inches

Co-published by Liwayway Marketing Corporation

  • Writing by Alai Agadulin, Javier Asuncion, Victoria Bravo, Kata Garcia, Emylou Infante, Glenda Oris, May Tobias-Papa, and Cynthia Villafranca
  • Illustrated by Pergylene Acuña, Fran Alvarez, Audrey Ang, Zeus Bascon, Nicole Lim, Lynyrd Narciso, Ariel Santillan, and Ray Sunga
  • Layout by Eli Camacho, John Michael Carreon, and Borg Sinaban

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