Espesyal nga Adlaw ni Mario (Big Book)

Espesyal nga Adlaw ni Mario (Big Book)

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Story by Fiona Fajardo and Jennifer Naguit

Illustrations by Mel Silvestre

Today is a very special day for Mario—he’s going to the zoo! But is he just imagining it, or are various animals popping out of each corner of their house?

Espesyál kiníng adlawa alang ni Mario—moadto siya sa zoo! Apan nalipát ba diay siya sa matá o naay lainlaing mananáp nga mitungha sa ilang baláy?

Also available in
Filipino (Tagalog)
small picture book format (English with Filipino translation)

ISBN: 978-971-508-440-6
Published: 2012
Language: Filipino (Cebuano)
Age Recommendation: 7+
24 pages | 270 grams | 11 by 17 inches
Volumetric weight: 1510 grams


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