Si Monica Dalosdalos (big book)

Si Monica Dalosdalos (big book)

Story by P. T. Martin & L.E. Antonio
Illustrations by Renato Gamos

Monica Dalosdalos is like most children who are eager to help their parents and siblings with the household chores. The problem is, Monica always gets into trouble when she tries to help. Will Monica ever learn to be careful?

Tulad ng ibang bata, gusto ni Monica Dalosdalos ang tumulong sa kaniyang pamilya at mga kapatid sa gawaing bahay. Kaya lang, laging nadidisgrasya si Monica tuwing tumutulong siya. Matuto kayang maging maingat si Monica?

ISBN: 971-508-217-3
Published: 2003
Language: Filipino (Tagalog)
Age Recommendation: 6+
32 pages | 270 grams | 11 by 17 inches
Volumetric weight: 1510 grams

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