Ti Nasingpet a Nuang (big book)

Ti Nasingpet a Nuang (big book)

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Story by Virgilio S. Almario

Illustrated by Liza Flores

The good carabao is a good role model. He always does good things. He gets along with his fellow carabaos. He has a love for truth, kindness, and beauty. It is fun to count the things on each page, from 1 to 13.

Rumbeng a tuladen ti nasingpet a nuang. Nasayaat ti ugalina. Mannakikadua kadagiti padana a nuang. Adda panagayatna iti kinapudno, kinaimbag, ken kinapintas. Kabaelam kadi ti agbalin a kas kenkuana? Siraragsak a mangbilang kadagiti banag iti panid, manipud 1 agingga iti 13.

Also available in 
Filipino (Tagalog) with English translation 
small picture book format (Tagalog and English)

ISBN: 978-971-508-569-4
Published: 2015
Language: Filipino (Ilocano)
Age Recommendation: 4+
32 pages | 270 grams | 11 by 17 inches
Volumetric weight: 1510 grams

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