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Illustrations by Al Estrella Get to know the colorful and yummy snacks made from rice! Kilalanin ang makukulay at masasarap na meryendang gawa sa bigas! ISBN: 978-971-508-554-0Published: 2015Language: Filipino (Tagalog)Age Recommendation: 0+ 14 pages |  210 grams |  6.5 by6.5 inches

Pangkat Papaya

Written by Xi ZuqIllustrated by Al Estrella APAKOPO APANG HAPARIPI SAPA IPISKUPUL. This is the secret code Andro saw in the poster for Clubs Day in school. He thinks he can crack this with Miyo. Who should also be helping with their booth for Comics Club. But there is something different about...


Story by Xi ZuqWith illustrations by Al Estrella  2016 National Children's Book Award, Best Reads for Kids “Supremo Andro!” That is what Andro wants to hear when he becomes a sixth grader. Which is why he decided to run as Supremo of the Katipunan.He did not realize how many things...