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Adarna House began in 1980, when it was founded to respond to the need of Filipino children to develop their minds through enjoyable learning opportunities and memorable literary experiences. Today, this conversation includes a multitude of treasured partners who share our enthusiasm for children, our commitment to education, and our passion for reading.

The best Filipino writers, illustrators, and researchers help us create products that feature Filipino values, culture, history, and experiences. Readability and systems experts were invaluable to the development of WiKAHON, the very first leveled tool for independent use to improve reading skills in Filipino. A new generation of readers, beyond the Philippines, have pushed us towards engaging with them on a different platform through the work of Adarna House Digital.

The educational courses we offer are also the result of our relationship with the public and private sectors. We continue to strengthen these alliances with the help of our primary allies—The Raya School, which offers progressive education from preschool to high school, and the very young Adarna Group Foundation, Inc. (AGFI), which focuses on local government-based early literacy programs.

Through our programs and products, we are happy to continue the conversation with our most valued partners, the Filipino children. It is their curiosity that keeps us motivated, their creativity that we wish to equal, and their potential for greatness that we will always strive to serve. It is they who keep us committed to our duty: to create good playmates, classmates, and friends not only for children, but also for art, literature, and country.

Founded by Virgilio S. Almario, Adarna House is now under the helm of his family, with wife Emelina S. Almario as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and children Asa Montenejo as President, Ani Almario as Vice President for Product Development, and Agno Almario as Vice President for Sales and Marketing.


Our company is named after the Adarna bird, the mythical creature whose song could cure any affliction. Our logo — an image of this magical bird taking flight, its head turned to see where it came from — is the symbol of our dedication to the legacy of bringing the healing power of reading and learning to the children of our nation. And just like the Adarna bird, we are bound to look to our roots to give us direction as we take wing.


Filipino children who love their country


Creates engaging products and learning solutions that uphold excellence and love of country


Nakapangalan ang aming kompanya sa ibong Adarna, isang mitolohikal na nilalang na kapag umaawit ay nakapagpapagaling ng anumang sakit. Ang logo namin — isang imahen ng mahiwagang ibong itong lumilipad, nakalingon sa kaniyang pinanggalingan — ay kumakatawan sa panata namin sa pamanang inihahandog ng paghahatid ng nakapagpapagaling na kapangyarihan ng pagbabasa at pagkatuto sa mga bata ng ating bayan. At tulad ng ibong Adarna, lagi't lagi kaming tumitingin sa aming kasaysayan upang bigyan kami ng gabay sa aming paglipad.


Batang Filipino na may pag-ibig sa bayan


Lumilikha ng mga kawili-wiling produkto at mga solusyon sa pagkatuto na nagtataguyod ng husay at ng pag-ibig sa bayan

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