Can We Live on Mars? - Non Fiction

Can We Live on Mars? - Non Fiction

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Text by Gidget Jimenez
Illustrations by Bru

2010 Best Reads for Kids, 1st National Children’s Book Awards

At the rate that people are exploring space, will it take long before we actually start living on Mars? Discover the beginnings of astronomy, the different kinds of heavenly bodies, and the many space explorations taking place. Find out whether we can live on Mars.

ISBN: 9789715083379
Published: 2009
Language: English
Age Recommendation: 10+
40 pages | 160 grams | 7.25 by 10.25 inches

Citation from the 2010 National Children's Book Awards:

One interesting concern that was raised among the judges was that appropriate reading for ages 9-12 was sadly lacking in the market. Here then is a book that is both educational and entertaining for kids at the threshold of adolescence—kids ready for meaty facts, yet still profiting from the visual and often humorous support of illustrations. The title of the book, Can We Live on Mars?, aptly echoes children's questions about astronomy and its function in culture and society. This book is serious fun. Written, illustrated, and designed as a handy collection of facts and activities about the study of space, Can We Live on Mars? provides concise and enjoyable reading and should be a useful supplement to science textbooks in schools today. Gidget Roceles-Jimenez’s writing effectively converses with young readers, while the illustrations provided by Bru ensure the liveliness of this exchange. Finally, the challenge of keeping these elements integrated and organized was met by book designer Lesley Lim.

By locating the Philippines in the constellation of achievements in the history of astronomy, Can We Live on Mars? boosts our sense of identity and creativity. It is an empowering and inspiring book, giving students sound ideas on what they can do as budding scientists and responsible global citizens now and into the future.

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