Dolly and Lavinia Explore the Interverse - Anino Comics

Dolly and Lavinia Explore the Interverse - Anino Comics

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Written and illustated by Trizha Ko

From a review by Aya Tantiangco at GMA News Online:

...the title reveals everything you need to know about it—except for the fact that Dolly and Lavinia are fluffy dogs and we need this adventure right now.

Ko's art is both whimsical and bizarre—and there's more than enough room in local children's literature for a little strangeness. There's a bit of oddness on each page, but Ko treats the strange as normal, and it's the kind of hug each oddball needs.

A story with two female leads is always more than welcome, and it's especially refreshing to find a children's book that presents an alternative to traditional gender stereotypes without being spiteful.

By introducing Dolly and Lavinia, we're all exposed to characters—heroes, really—that we didn't think we Would read about. In a world that treats carbs as a villain, Dolly lives with no regrets of eating deep-fried potato croquettes.

ISBN: 9789715086134
Published: 2016
Language: English 
Age Recommendation: 13+
76 pages | 210 grams |  8 by 8 inches

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