Mga Biyahe, Mga Estasyon/Journeys, Junctions (Bookpaper) - Old Stock

Mga Biyahe, Mga Estasyon/Journeys, Junctions (Bookpaper) - Old Stock

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Old Stock - titles may be worn out or slightly damaged.

“Among these poems, too, might be felt most the characteristic tension between home and destination, the past and the present, and the febrile twilight in-between where the poet-traveler finds himself, whether it is in Vigan or Davao, Sta. Fe or at the foot of Mayon, or away from home shores in Sofia, Sounion or Stonehenge.” (Marne Kilates)

Author: Virgilio S. Almario
Translation by Marne L. Kilates
ISBN: 9712720420
Published: 2008
196 pages | 248 grams | 5.5 by 8 inches

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