Si Pitong, Noong Panahon ng mga Hapon


Story by Augie Rivera
Illustrations by Marcus Nada

Pitong’s world revolved around Tarlac, but because of the war, they were forced to relocate. With the Japanese invasion, what other things are bound to change?

Sa Tarlac lang umiinog ang mundo ni Pitong ngunit dahil sa giyera, napilitan silang lumikas. Sa pagdating ng mga Hapon, ano pa kaya ang magbabago sa kaniyang buhay?

Additional Information

Featured in the Batang Historyador series are stories of the challenges, dreams, and awakening of five children from five different relevant points of Philippine history. Each story is a glimpse in the way of life and rights of the children during these periods, and a look back at the colorful past of the country.

ISBN: 971-508-110-X
Published: 2001
Language: Filipino (Tagalog) with English translation
Age Recommendation: 10+
32 pages | 80 grams | 6 by 8 inches

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